Monday, October 3, 2011

From The Rainbow Bridge

My name is Roxie, Miss Roxie Rottweiler, that is. It was 14-1/2 years ago when St. Francis came to me and told me it was time to return to earth – he had a very important job for me. Yes, a human was grieving very badly and needed to be rescued. Now I know sometimes humans can be mighty cruel to dogs, so I was a bit scared, but I couldn’t let St. Francis down.

Soon enough I found my way to this lady who was in trouble. Wow, she was so sweet and just loved me and petted me. It was almost as good as heaven. I learned she had a human son who rescued animals, but more than anything her son loved rottweilers. Only her son had taken his own life a few months earlier and she didn’t want to go on living herself. This rescue mission was bigger than I thought.

We got off to a really good start. She always smiled when she held me and gave me so much love. She said I had found my forever home and told me to call her Mom. So for 14-1/2 years Mom and I took a journey together, a wonderful journey. After 14-1/2 years, my old body was tired and Dr. Murphy told Mom I had something called canine dementia and he couldn’t make me any better. It was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. So on July 30, 2011, I returned to be with St. Francis and all my animal friends.

But you see, I didn’t die. I know humans can grieve something awful when we have to go, but I’m here to tell you my friends and I are all here at the Rainbow Bridge watching over you and we know we live on in your hearts everyday.

During my time on earth, Mom taught me lots of special things about humans. One thing Mom told me over and over again was how so many animals suffer and it is because animals have no voice. Mom believed very strongly I had to have my own voice, and told me by raising my voice I could do a lot of good to help save all my furry friends who aren’t blessed with loving forever homes. She also told me, that because I was a Rottweiler, some humans would fear me, hit me and expect me to be a mean, bad dog. Mom told me it was up to me to educate humans about rottweilers.
Thanks to my Mom, I now have my own voice, and even from the Rainbow Bridge, I can continue to raise my voice for my friends in trouble and educate dumb humans who think rottweilers are bad dogs.

So if you’re grieving for your furry friend, let me tell you, we are alive and well at the Rainbow Bridge and we can still do lots of good. Mom didn’t just give me a voice. When my Mom one day joins me at the Rainbow Bridge, she’s left behind a life insurance policy to establish an endowment fund in my name so all my furry friends who find their way to earth will have the hope and help they need to have a life as good as the life I lived. And boy was I spoiled rotten. I trained my Mom to bake me rosemary chicken and feed me Blue Bell ice cream on hot summer days.

I was quite the Diva. It was a wonderful life. As much as I miss Mom, I know we will be together again, but more importantly, Mom made sure we could both give the gift of life even from the Rainbow Bridge.

You, too, can honor the life of your furry friends by continuing to give the gift of life. It’s what your beloved pets would want. I know of no better way to honor your loved one than to give a loving forever home to a friend in need. Keep their love alive, keep their voice alive.

I have friends here at the Rainbow Bridge who never had a forever home. They never knew humans could be kind and good and loving. Here there is no pain or sadness, only joy and love. As happy as life may be at the Rainbow Bridge, I wish all my friends could have known the joy of human love and having a best friend. I was one of the lucky ones.

It shouldn’t be that way. Receiving love should never be a matter of luck. Every furry friend deserves a forever loving home. We all have so much love to give. Only you can change that.

If you’re grieving the loss of your best friend, won’t you honor their lives and all the joy and love they gave you by giving life to those we’ve left behind. I’m so proud my Mom gave me a voice and I lived a life of purpose. With your help and your voice, you, too, can not only honor the best friend you’ve lost, you can give the gift of life to all my animal friends just waiting to give you love too. The best gifts of all are the gifts which keep on giving.

With Love From The Rainbow Bridge

Miss Roxie Rottweiler

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  1. Goodbye Miss Roxie. We should all be so lucky as you were!