Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Roxie's Shoes

Hello Best Friends.

This is Miss Roxie Rottweiler s peaking to you from the Rainbow Bridge. I have some most special news to share with you. Since arriving at the Rainbow Bridge, St. Francis has decided I am going to be a fine angel. In fact, St. Francis has given me the honorary position of Rainbow Bridge Ambassador. This makes me very proud and I want to do my best for St. Francis and all my friends here at the Rainbow Bridge.

Now you see, me and my friends, we’ve already spent our time on earth. Some, like me, had a wonderful time. We were very blessed with loving families. And then some of my friends, well, they just think the Rainbow Bridge is the best place they could ever be because they never got to have human families, or know how good life can be with a loving human companion.

I’m not one who likes to fuss or complain, but some days here it gets a tiny bit crowded. We like our big group hugs, but we also like to run in the green grass and feel our paws spring and bounce off the soft clouds. Play time is a big part of being at the Rainbow Bridge.

Humans know what it’s like when things get a bit crowded sometimes. But some humans aren’t smart enough to think like a dog. You see, when you get a bit crowded, you should consider yourself blessed to be surrounded by so much life and love and sharing. Every life has value. Every animal has a gift and we all want to share our gifts with you.

Only some humans don’t like crowds, so humans send us to the Rainbow Bridge before our time and think that’s going to stop over-crowding. As soon as you send one of my friends here to the Rainbow Bridge, all you’ve done is opened your doors to take in another one of my furry friends to fill up the crowded space you didn’t want to have in the first place. Now that’s not very smart thinking is it? Of course it isn’t.

So you see, it’s my job to educate humans. Sending my friends to the Rainbow Bridge before their time to make room for another homeless pet is never going to solve the problem of being too crowded. Well, I’m here to tell you, you need yourself a good ole fashion arithmetic lesson.

One and one makes two, and two and two make four, and before you know it, you got yourself a gazillion furry friends, but you don’t have enough beds for a gazillion friends and you don’t got enough money to feed them all. So what do humans do? Humans send my animal friends to the Rainbow Bridge before it’s time to come. But how does that help? Well, it don’t help anybody does it? Nope, and lots of cats and dogs never get to live a life of joy with their own family.

So as my granddaddy would say, humans need some common sense. Now granddaddy always said folks shouldn’t call it common sense, because so few humans have common sense it’s not that common anymore.

So as the Rainbow Bridge Ambassador, I’m going to share my wisdom, because humans need a dose of common sense. SPAY AND NEUTER! Yeap, that’s what you do alright.
Now would you want your human friends to tell you they got too many friends and they don’t need you anymore, so you just got to go away. Well, of course you don’t. That’s not a friend at all now is it?

So dear humans, if you wouldn’t mind, get yourselves some common sense, get yourself an arithmetic lesson, and learn how to give life to all my animal friends. SPAY AND NEUTER.

Mostly, some humans like to have too many of some things. Yes sirree. Ladies like to have too many shoes and too many purses. Men folk like to have too many gadgets and tools and fishing poles. Now you know you can’t wear but one pair of shoes at a time and you don’t need a dozen remote controls, now do you. So you done wasted all your hard earned money on too many things you don’t need that’s just going to overcrowd your closet and your garage. So what do you do? You decide one day you’re tired of not having enough space for all the things you don’t use or need in the first place. So you box them up for the Goodwill or have a yard sale or throw them in the trash. Don’t you wish you had made better use of your hard earned money. Course you do.

So here’s how you get real smart, save yourself money and stop taking up to much space you don’t have. Next time you think you just have to have another pair of shoes or another tool that you don’t need, be smart. You just tell yourself you’re going to spend your money wisely and make yourself feel real good too. Just say no to those shoes you’re only going to wear one time or to those tools you got too many of already. The cost of a pair of shoes would pay for spay or neuter for one of my furry friends. Then we wouldn’t have no extra friends we have to throw away because we get too crowded, and your closets and garages wouldn’t be cluttered up neither, and you would be proud you was so smart about spending your hard earned money.

Everybody wins.

And one more thing. If you do have too many extra shoes, just box them up and send them to the Rainbow Bridge. Chocolate would love to have a pair of shoes to chew on. Chocolate is one of my friends here at the Rainbow Bridge. He’s a lab puppy who came here too soon and never even got himself a name. He was such a pretty color St. Francis named him Chocolate.

Have a heart and spend smart
Choose spay not shoes
Choose neuter not tools
With love from the Rainbow Bridge

Miss Roxie Rottweiler
Rainbow Bridge Ambassador

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  1. Hey, Can you possibly email me? I didn’t see an email on your page, but I really want to ask you a question about your dog.