Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Bargain of the Century

Hello to my dear human friends:

Now I hadn't been writtin for a while now, cause I been buzy helping Mom rescue lots a fur balls that need homes. And me and Mom been fightin to shut down puppy mills, cauze puppies ain't products. There's lots a work to be done to help all my friends, and you need to be helpin too.
Now today I'm gonna tell you about the best bargain of the century. Yes sirree, if you want to get the most out a your hard earned money, I'm gonna tell you how to stretch your dollars and pennies till they squeal.

You find yourself a most handsome or pretty dog at Dogtown at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Knabe, Utah, and you send Best Friends a $25 check. Did you know you can sponsor a dog at Dogtown for only $25 a year. Now that's the bargain of the century. Heck, Mom says I costed more than $25 a week just to feed me. So's you see, Best Friends is some kind a miracle worker, and they got to be the best place on the whole planet for animals that don't got themselves no forever homes yet.

Now me and Mom, we be sponsoring Buzz at Dogtown. Cauze you see, Buzz is a rottweiler like me, so course we know Buzz is beautiful, smart, and just about one of the best dogs on the planet. And we got to get Buzz a forever home too.

Heck, if I didn't love my Mom so much, I think I'd like living at Best Friends. I'd still get play time and treats and spa day and walks and lots a good care from Dr. Mike. And I sure could save Mom lots a money if it only costed $25 a year to take care a me. Cauze you see, I'm a most spoiled rotten little girl, and Mom says I'm what you call high maintenance. I only get the best. But I guess when you're a diva or a princess like me, well only the best will do anyway.

Now friends, I want you to go to www.bestfriends.org and find yourself a most beautiful dog at Dogtown to sponsor. Now iffen you want to adopt one and give him or her a forever home, you can do that too. But you got to be really good parents, cauze not just anybody can adopt a dog. You got to be special, cauze having a pet is a privilege.

See if you take care of your pets, well they take care of you, and they give you the bestest joy and love in the whole wide world, lots better than human relatives. And pets don't never borrow money from you or ask to borrow your car or nuttin like that, so they just about the best relatives you could have. So if you're one of them lucky humans that's good enough to deserve a family pet, well Best Friends will help ya out. Money really can buy you love when you spend your money to adopt a great pet. ADOPT DON'T SHOP. Just don't never ever buy a pet from a pet store, cause puppies aren't products and we got to put them puppy mills out a business for good.

So till next time, check out Dogtown at www.bestfriends.org and get yourself a real friend and a lifetime a love. Find yourself a most beautiful dog to sponsor today. You'' be glad you did.

Miss Roxie Rottweiler

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