Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blue Bell and Best Friends

Hello to my dear reader friend:

I been pretty busy lately chasing critters out of granddaddy's garden cauze it's summertime you know. We got to get all them vegatables full grown to put up for the cold winter. Now bout them critters. Well there ain't no reason for them to be in the garden. You see the birds got bird feeders. Mom feeds the feral cats. We got corn and nuts for the squirrels and chipmunks and we put out table scraps for the possums and raccoons. So it's not like we want any critters to go hungry. But them deer sure do love purple hull peas. We just don't want them messing with our tomatoes and peas and okra and squash. I don't think critters like okra anyway cauze its scratchy.

Now down the road they grow lots a Chilton County peaches and boy do we love them peaches. Mom loves to cut up some peaches and put em in a big ole bowl of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Now even if Blue Bell makes peach ice cream, it's a bit hard to find. I reckon it's just so good, Blue Bell can't make it fast enough to keep in the stores. But peaches and Blue Bell is mighty good. Now with fall coming on, I reckon Blue Bell might want to be studying making a new ice cream with some apples and cinnamon. Now wouldn't that be good. Cauze everybody likes ice cream on apple pie, so I reckon Blue Bell can just make us some apple pie ice cream, so's we don't have to stand in a hot kitchen and bake a pie. Course I don't go the kitchen no way, cause you see in hot weather, I shed a lot, and don't nobody want dog hair in their food - not even me. So I leave the cooking to Mom. I reckon she don't shed much.

Well friends, I reckon I best remind you I need you to keep calling and writing Blue Bell and telling them we're waiting on some doggie ice cream to make their way to the pet stores. Yeap, seems some folks done got a bit lazy, and being lazy don't get nothing done. Yeap, cauze if we can hurry up and get some Blue Bell for dogs, well it's gonna be a most wonderful thing. We're gonna have our own most delicious ice cream we don't gotta share with humans. And see Mr. Kruze's gonna have to hire people to make our ice cream so's people that need a job can get back to work. And best of all, we're gonna sweet talk Mr. Kruse into donating a nickel to Best Friends so my homeless friends get themselves a family and well, Best Friends is gonna help Mr. Kruse sell the ice cream. Now ain't that a plan, cause everybody comes out ahead. Onlyest, it ain't gonna happen lessen you all let Blue Bell know you want doggie ice cream and you're gonna buy lots a doggie ice cream. It's what you call one a them perrishables, which means you got to sell it and eat it in a hurry. Don't nobody want to be eating no old ice cream. And I guarantee you when you get it home your dogs are just gonna lap it right up and ask for more. Cauze we know we already love Blue Bell for humans. But you see, some of them most delicious flavors dogs can't eat cauze it ain't good for dogs, and that's why we gotta have our own ice cream. And besides, we don't get to shop in human grocery stores, but we are most welcome in pet stores, so's we need our ice cream and I sure do need your help, cauze it's gonna be a good thing; heck, even a wonderful thing.

So please write or call Mr. Kruse and tell him Miss Roxie sent ya and ya need some doggie ice cream. And we need him to make Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone, Rottweiler Rocky Road, Pawlicious Peanut Butter, Country Canine Carob, Not So Chocolate Lab and Poodle Parfait. Well since that's only six flavors and we got seven days in the week, I got to get busy and make another new flavor so's we could have a different flavor every day. And if you want to suggest a new flavor for your favorite dog, well you just write to Miss Roxie. Well maybe we could have some Canine Doodle Dandy or some Akita Chiquita Banana or Neopolitan Mastiff. Well I'll be studying on it and remember you got to contact Blue Bell so we's can get this show on the road.

And now it's time for my big bowl of Blue Bell.

HAVE A BLUE BELL DAY, Miss Roxie Rottweiler

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