Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roxienomics BlueBellnomics Obamanomics

Hello to my dear reader friends:
Today I'm going to write about economics. Now you see economics means how folks spend their money. Well everybody's got their own ideas bout how they want to spend their money, so we got lots a kind of economics. We got Obamanomics, Roxienomics, Gastronomics and BlueBellnomics, just to name a few.
Now Obamanomics is pretty much how everybody is told to spend their money cause that's Uncle Sam's money, and we all know Uncle Sam takes everybody's money. You see, if you got yourself a company and you waste all your money, and then you waste everybody's else's money too and then you done got broke, well that's when you need Obamanomics. You just tell Uncle Sam you done wasted everybody's money and you need lots more of other people's money so's you can waste it too. And do you know that Uncle Sam is gonna give you a gazillion dollars just cause you done said you don't know how to spend money, and well, he's gonna give you a gazillion dollars so's you can learn how to spend money. Heck, it don't matter how much money you waste on Obamanomics, cause you all got to pay Uncle Sam anyway, so he's gonna get his money back, and it don't much matter if you don't owe the money or not. Somebody owes the money, so Obamanomics is you just pay the bill and it don't much matter who got the money or how it was spent. Even iffen you don't owe it, you still got to pay it back. That's what you call taxes.
Now Uncle Sam and his new Obamanomics says if you don't pay the money back, well you still got to pay taxes, but Uncle Sam's gonna own your business too. And now Uncle Sam ain't just wasting money to raise taxes, Uncle Sam's gonna take that business right away from you, cause he thinks he can run it better then you can. Well I reckon that might be true. Cause you see Uncle Sam just got himself a car company with them Obamanomics, so I reckon Uncle Sam is gonna be a car salesman too. Now if you are a car salesman, well you got to be a purty good zaggerator and stretch the truth a little bit to make peoples want to give you all their money. And you got to convince peoples their gettin a really good deal. Well seems to me Uncle Sam is a purty good zaggerator himself, so I reckon he's gonna make a good car salesman.. Cause he's got everybody believing Obamanomics is just about the best way to spend your money. And that's what you call Obamanomics.
Now, as for me, well I'm a thinking dog, so I got my own Roxienomics. Now Roxienomics is what my granddaddy calls just good ole fashion common sense. If you ain't got it you don't spend it, and if you got it, you get right smart about spending what you got and saving a little bit so's Uncle Sam don't get all your money. Now ain't that a whole easier than Obamanomics. All you need is a little bit a common sense. Course granddaddy says it must not be so common anymore, cause he don't see lots a people with good common sense. Now under Roxienomics I get my allowance of five dollars a week. Now when I done spent my five dollars, well I can't spend no more money. But I'm a right smart dog and I spend my five dollars on a big bucket of Blue Bell ice cream. Now see, that's what you call common sense. Cause heck, a big ole bucket's gonna last me all week long, and still have some to share with my friends. And I don't even have to spend my whole five dollars cause I got me a one dollar Blue Bell coupon at the Blue Bell website cause I'm a Blue Bell Buddy. Now even if I ain't one to follow Obamanomics, well it don't much matter, cause no matter what store I go to, their gonna make me pay some taxes on my ice cream for Obamanomics.
Then you got your gastronomics. Now gastronomics is about putting good food in your stomach. Cause everybody's got to eat. Heck, even plants and trees got to eat. But you see, iffen you're a human, well you get to eat what you like and what tastes good. Well now if you want to be a right smart gastronomist, well then you got to follow Roxienomics, so's you eat what's good for you, but don't costs lots a money, and it's good for you too. You see you can spend your money on junk food that ain't good for you and costs lots a money. Only iffen you want to be a good gastronomist and you like Roxienomics, well then you just got to use your common sense and be a BlueBellnomist. Cause BlueBellnomics is just about the best of all the nomics there is. It's just good ole fashion common sense, with lots a good nutrition and value, mixed with good ole fashion wholesome Blue Bell ice cream.
Now you see if you practice Roxienomics to delight your gastronomics, then there ain't no choice cept BlueBellnomics. You don't even gotta spend five dollars and you get enough ice cream for 8 big people or 12 little people or about 10 dogs like me. Now you got enough ice cream to have a party with your best friends and you only spent about five dollars. You got the most delicious ice cream in the world and it's good for you too. Cause it's made with rich wholesome milk to make your bones grow and good farm fresh eggs cause you got to have your protein. Then it's got lots of fruits and stuff that's good for you to. Now you won't find no Blue Bell ice cream with broccoli cause that would be yucky. So's your Mom might make you eat some broccoli before you can have your Blue Bell. Broccoli ain't too bad and it's worth eating to get your Blue Bell. Heck, you just about get everything you need in a bowl of Blue Bell cept broccoli. And you only spent about 50 cents a person. Now where else you gonna get a most delicious gastronomic delight for 50 cents. That's what you call good ole fashion common sense. And I got plenty of it.
Now you just invite your friends over and you have yourself a Blue Bell party and you'll be smiling cause you saved lots of money, you got plenty to share and you got the most happy food you could eat. So when you say Obamanomics and it makes your mouth turn sour, well that's when you get yourself a nice cold scoop of Blue Bell cause Blue Bell will help the medicine go down. And I reckon now that Uncle Sam's got himself a car factory and needs to be selling some cars, I reckon if he offered a carton of Blue Bell with every purchase them cars might sell pretty fast. And with Blue Bell, you don't even need to zaggerate cause you only got to have one taste to know ain't nothing better than Blue Bell. It's the best ice cream in the land!
Have a Blue Bell Day, Miss Roxie

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