Sunday, July 12, 2009

Canine Blue Bell Flavors

Hello to my dear reader friends:
I want to welcome my new twitter friends and I want to welcome all those nice folks at Blue Bell. I also want to welcome my new rottweiler buddies who know that rottweilers ROCK!
I have some news to share with you. After I had my picture made with Mr. Nick and the Blue Bell Ice Cream truck, I received a call from Miss Kelli. Now Miss Kelli is another one of those nice folks at the Blue Bell plant. Miss Kelli told me Blue Bell publishes a newspaper for their employees called The Scoop. Now that's a right smart name for an ice cream paper don't you think. Miss Kelli wanted to know if I might like to be in their paper. Don't you know that was a nice surprise that Blue Bell wants to write about me instead a me doing the writing. Course I would love to be in The Scoop, cause everybody knows I want Mr. Howard Kruse to make me some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Ice Cream for dogs and put my picture on the carton. Miss Kelli said she gets lots and lots a pictures of dogs eating Blue Bell, and I reckon it's time to stop sending pictures and start sending letters to Blue Bell to make some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Ice Cream.
Now Mom says I'm being too big for my britches to want my picture on all the Blue Bell Ice Cream cartons, cause lots a dogs might like to have their picture on a carton of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Well I don't want to be a selfish little girl, and now I got it all figured out. You see, Mr. Howard Kruse should make some Rottweiler Rocky Road Ice Cream. Then I could have my picture on Rottweiler Rocky Road, and I could share all the other delicious Blue Bell flavors with other dogs who want their picture on the carton.
I been doing some homework too. Now for Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone, well you got to put some tasty little dog bones in the vanilla ice cream. Now I was thinking if I made some dog bones that was not only tasty, but had some good doggie vitamins in them, well then dogs could eat lots more Blue Bell to get all their vitamins. Now moms would just love having a dessert with vitamins. Next thing you know moms will be wanting some ice cream for humans with vitamins too. Cause lots a kids don't like eating broccoli and stuff. But just about all kids love ice cream. It's a happy food.
Now we got to have ourselves some Pawlicious Peanut Butter ice cream too. Now Pawlicious Peanut Butter is good for getting a dose a medicine. I don't like taking medicine and I learned how to hide it under my tongue and spit it out when Mom's not looking. She tried hiding my medicine in the Blue Bell, but I was too smart for that. I just let the ice cream melt a little so them big medicine pills would stick to the bottom of the bowl and I wouldn't have to take no medicine. But if you have some Pawlicious Peanut Butter ice cream, well you hide the medicine in the gooey peanut butter part and it don't melt and you can't pick it out so moms can sneak the medicine right passed you and heck, you don't even have to taste it cause you just taste the peanut butter covered with Blue Bell ice cream. So we got to have some Pawlicious Peanut Butter so moms can hide our medicine in it.
Then we got to have ourselves some Country Canine Carob ice cream. Now just about everybody loves chocolate, only dogs can't eat chocolate cause it makes us really sick So for all my chocolate loving dog friends, we'll have ourselves some Country Canine Carob ice cream so's we can have chocolate too. Now it would just be even better than carob cookie treats cause it would be floating in the most delicious Dog Gone Good Vanilla. Now ain't that a most exciting flavor.
Best of all, we're gonna have ourselves some Rottweiler Rocky Road Ice Cream. Now Rottweiler Rocky Road has to be the most special flavor of all with my picture on the carton. Now for Rottweiler Rocky Road, we shall put some swirls of peanut butter, some carob chips, some small chunks of bananas, and then we should add some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bones with lots of delicious vitamins. Now that would be just about the best doggie ice cream on the planet.
Now I reckon four flavors is a pretty good place to start, but I'll be studying about some more new flavors so's Mr. Kruse won't have to do all the work. And I'm gonna be a Blue Bell taste tester too cause mostly we don't want humans to be eatin our ice cream. Nope, you got your own.
Now Mr. Kruse couldn't be making all these most delicious doggie flavors lessen he knows humans is gonna buy it for their best friends. So, dear readers, if you want all this most delicious ice cream, well you got to be calling the Blue Bell plant and telling em you want some doggie ice cream. Now if you got yourself 42 cents and you want to write a letter to Blue Bell, their address is 1101 S. Blue Bell Road, Brenham, Texas 77833. Now if you want to call Blue Bell, you can find these nice folks at 979-836-7977. Yep, just tell Mr. Howard Kruse or Miss Kelli that Miss Roxie sent you cause you need yourself some most delicious doggie ice cream for your best friends. And well I reckon you could ask to have your doggie's picture on a carton if you want to. Long as it's not Rottweiler Rocky Road, I don't mind sharing.
But don't just call or write. You need to go to and sign yourself up to be a Blue Bell Buddy. It's free to sign up, and when you do, why you can print yourself a coupon to get one dollar off a carton of Blue Bell. Now iffen you want to really help get some doggie ice cream, well you take that dollar coupon and go get yourself some most delicious Blue Bell. Well, since you saved yourself a dollar, now you take yourself twenty five cents and mail it to Mr. Howard Kruse, and tell him to take that quarter and invest it in making doggie ice cream. See, that way you still save seventy five cents and you're giving back to help America. Cause don't you know when Mr. Howard Kruse starts making that doggie ice cream, he's got to hire some more workers, so you would be helping America get back to work. Now ain't that a pretty good idea. You save money and help get peoples jobs. Best of all, you got yourself some most delicious Blue Bell ice cream and you didn't even have to pay full price. Everybody wins and I'm gonna get my Rottweiler Rocky Road with my picture on the carton.
Have A Blue Bell Day, Love Miss Roxie Rottweiler

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